“A Thousand Nights” – out now

After the viral success of their state-of-the-art music video for “Back to Me”, the UK metalwave band offer up an emotionally-tinged synth ballad as their second new song since their debut album.

“A Thousand Nights is a driving synthwave power ballad with huge metal guitar riffs and lush keyboards,” says guitarist and producer Alex Markham. “I’m a big fan of Bruce Hornsby and when I started writing this song, the piano was the main focus of the arrangement. Over time, the song changed to incorporate more synths and heavier guitar riffs, while still retaining the 80s heartland rock feel.

“Our previous single Back to Me, saw us dipping our toes into the world of synthwave for the first time,” continues Alex. “A Thousand Nights fully embraces the genre, with drum machines and vocoders combining with Funeral for a Friend-style post-hardcore metal riffs and a big Bon Jovi-esque chorus. It’s quite a unique achievement to bring together all these influences and achieve something that works so well. I think it’s one of the strongest things we’ve ever done and this is just the beginning of our new direction!”

Sure to be a hit with fans of The Midnight, LeBrock, Iron Maiden, Ollie Wride and Timecop1983, “A Thousand Nights” is available to stream and download on all music platforms now.


Robert Fenning – Lead vocals
Alex Markham – Guitars and backing vocals Dominic Swords – Bass and backing vocals Adam Carruthers – Guitars
Chris Smurthwaite – Keyboards
Michael Levy – Drums

Additional synthesizers by Alex Markham

Music written by Alex Markham
Lyrics written by Robert Fenning
Produced, mixed and mastered by Alex Markham